Saturday, 31 October 2009

Give Away.... Give Away from Just Another Hang Up

Go to Just Another Hang Up and see the rules.
"Come join us for a celebration of life and love. In the title of this post it lists this contest as a "Give-Away ... Give-Away." That's because this contest is going to be a little different. You will still be submitting your name for a drawing via a comment below, but the lucky winner will have this tote sent to a person of his/her choosing. That's why I say it's a "Give-Away" (from me to you) "Give-Away" "

Many free stitchery patterns for YOU

Crafty Aveny offers you this freebie among a lot of other funny and rustic patterns. Go there to see for yourself :-)
Happy Halloween everyone!

Kristrun is sewing at my place and a little "How-to-do" free motion quilting

Kristrun in action :-)

She had made two pillow frontsides for her mother. The fabrics are bought in Iceland. Kristrun is born in Iceland but she lives in Norway and is a co-worker of mine.

Not bad for a beginner...

Here are some tips for free motion quilting:
  • Start with paper and pencil. Draw the line you want to sew. You practise until you get the motion into your hand! This I do only to get the curves into my head and hand :-)
  • Remember to fill your bobbin.
  • Don't worry about stitch length or width -- it doesn't matter! You create the stitch length with how fast or slow you move the fabric under the needle, so don't push and pull the fabric. Just steer it.
  • If your machine has a speed control, use mid-speed if your stitches aren't coming out even.
  • The faster the speed, the smoother and easier it is to stitch. Remember trying driving manouvers in your car and finding it easier and smoother to make a lane change going fast on the highway than it was going slow in the parking lot? Same thing applies here.
  • Breathe. I can't emphasize that enough! My free-motion went from scribbles to stars when I began to relax while I sewed. Breathe! And keep your shoulders loose or your work will reflect your tension. Look ahead; don't look down where the needle is but look where you are going to sew.
  • Use good quality thread so it doesn't keep breaking. Don't try to learn on metallics, but if you insist, at least use a metallics needle.
  • In this method you are allowed to cross your previous stitch lines, so don't worry about changes in direction or getting stuck in a corner. Play!
  • Never, ever, turn your fabric while you are stitching. You make direction changes and shapes by dancing your fabric under the needle, not by swinging your fabric around.
  • Use variegated thread for a spectacular look on a wall hanging quilt.
  • Work with the design already on the fabric to practice. Sew around the leaves and vine stems on the printed material you already have. Practice on pre-printed fabric to learn to follow curves and lines.
  • Stop with the needle in the down position so momentum doesn't shoot you across the fabric when you stop.
  • Don't beat yourself the first couple of years you try this. You can always re-stitch heavily over an area you are unhappy with.
  • Breathe! Have fun!
  • Good luck with your free motion quilting :-)

Sunday, 25 October 2009

A great giveaway from Pumpkin Patch Primitives Quilt Shoppe

Don't forget to tell I sent you there.....

A Fat Quarter Bundle of Red Rooster's Pumpkins & Spice Fabrics by Whimsicals. This is a primitive lover's dream. They are earthy, muted and whimsical...You will LOVE these! Sunflowers, pumpkins, checks, stripes; this collection has it all. I want them sooooo much!!!

Quiltegården in Trondheim

I simply had to visit Quiltegården in Trondheim. We had a late longlasting breakfast at Gunnhild's flat before we drove downtown Trondheim. We managed to fit a quick half an hour at Quiltegården Quilt Shop.
Wow - what a find!
The quilt shop was so welcoming and very generous in all the displayed quilts and fabrics. We could have stayed for hours - unfortunately Gunnhild had to go to her work as a midwife and I had a train to catch! 

This Christmas Stitchery welcomed us as we walked through the door of this beautiful shop!


And here is a another beautiful Christmas-corner of Quiltegården! Everywhere we turned there were more lovely designs, fabrics and kits to inspire!

Guess whitch pattern/book I bought....?

And if any of you ever are in the area, do visit Quiltegården- you will not be disappointed!

Gunnhild and the quilt shop owner Siw :-)

Two magasines I bought in a kiosk and the rest is goodies from Quiltegården..... :-)
And yes, I bought "Friends for Christmas" by Lynette Anderson, the last one in the shop!!!!

I'm been in Trondheim visiting an old good friend; Gunnhild :-)

Gunnhild. She has a very nice smile and puts on a happy face often :-)
We haven't seen each other since the Summer of 2008.....

Some years ago she made this quilt for her youngest son (she's got 3). Beatiful bright colors!

Close-up of the Mariner's star.

She has used a lot of black ribbons in this quilt. And all quilting is made by hand :-)

Her "baby"...... I'm not very found of dogs, but this one I simply love!

We spent Thursday night (untill very late) and Friday morning by chatting and smiling. Some redvine in the evening and a lot of coffee in the morning were drunk while we had a lot of talking to catch up with. We should meet more often, that's for sure. You are a beatiful woman Gunnhild; both outward and inside!!!

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