Friday, 28 August 2009

A free stitchery pattern for YOU

For all good friends; old and new ones!
Dedicated to Berit in Elverum. Take care and have a nice weekend :-)

Visit to Elverum Quiltelag; neightbouring guild

Yesterday six of the members of Gjøvik Quiltelag went to visit Elverum Quiltelag. Elverum Quiltelag is also celebrating their tenth anniversary this year.
They are going to have a exibition later this autumn. And a big lottery. This quilt is one of the main prizes in the lottery.
They also have a "Show-and-tell"- part in their meetings.
Look at this lovely quilt!!!! Bjørg made it after an Australian pattern.
Go to Gjøvik Quiltelags blog to see more from this meeting... :-) It is only in Norwegian, but the blog contents a lot of pictures. Enjoy yourself.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

My guild; Gjøvik Quiltelag, is 10 years old :-)

---- and we celebrated last weekend with a large exibition at "Åttekanten", Eiktunet in Gjøvik. You are welcome to go to Gjøvik Quiltelag's blog to see all the 93 pictures I have taken from the exibition.....
As you maybe know, I'm the blog-editor for Gjøvik Quiltelag's blog as well.
Some of the prizes in our big lottery.

Lise is looking down from her balcony. Winnies quilt is displayed.

Would you buy a lottery ticket from these happy ladies?
More prizes on the table, you can see our quilt made on joint account and work.

Free Cupcake Pattern for Everyone :-)

Button Bliss have the cutest cupcake stitchery to grab. Be quick though as it is only up for a week.
Lisa also has the first two Christmas decoration stitchery's up to grab.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Blueberries, mmmmmmmmmmmmm

No sewing these days. But I have been clever and picked some blueberries.

The boxes went into the deep freeze and the jam will taste marvellous together with waffles in winter time.

My newest goodies.....

Brith; one of the owners of Sømsenteret. She is really good at sewingmachines.
Here she is showing me how my newest sewingmachine works.... Yes, I bought a overlookmachine; Bernina 800DL, this summer. I have never had such a machine, so I'm looking forward to create and sew with it!!!!
Every summer the business community of Gjøvik have one day with late hours. You can shop until you drop at midnight! You can always pick up a good bargain at Sømsenteret, and I did for certain :-)
But this is the sewingmachine I really want............., but I already have a great sewingmachine.
My buyings and gifts from this summer. One metre of japanese fabrics to the left bought in Bergen, all the fabrics at the back of the table are bought in Sømsenteret, Gjøvik, and Randi gave me a sewingbox (Bernina of course...) and a borderfabric with a lot of cows.
In our guild we had a member who died suddenly approximately four years ago. Who expect to die at the age of fifty? We were shocked when we heard the news about her death. Randi has finished several of her quilts, she is a really goooooood friend for many people. And this summer she gave me this borderfabric to remember Laila (it belonged to Laila before). I appreciate this gesture and will used the fabrics for something special.
Thanks to you, Randi!
My sewing place in the basement sitting-room. To the right I have the pc and to the left is my cutting part of the table. I also am the happy owner of a couple thousands books so my bookshelves are stuffed with these. Therefore I have to put my binders with patterns UNDER the table. You can see them in the picture :-)
But it works for me, so.......
My sewingmachine is a Bernina Artista 200 with embroidery unit. It is GREAT and gives you the opportunity to expand the limits of creativty.
My new Bernina 800DL.
We quilters simply LOVE to buy quilting og sewing remedy and a new sewingmachine is a quilters TOY.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Visit to Lillehammer and Quiltespesialisten

In a side street in Lillehammer you find Quiltespesialisten; a cute little quiltshop :-)

Small quiltingprojects are exhibitted everywhere in the shop.

A nice bag with buttons and ribbons.

A bag made from the book "Hånd i hanke" by Anna-Pia Godske Rasmussen.

" Annas sminkepung" and small purses.

This quilt where displayed on one wall in the shop.

"Klovnebukser" = clownpantsuits.

"Elsker - elsker ikke" = Loves me - loves me not

"Margeritter" = marguerites


Two fine pillows.

The owner; Agnes, outside the shop with a tablecloth with two matching pillows.

Another view of the lovely owner Agnes.

A quilt thrown over a outdoor couch.

An overview of the fabrics....

Summerly fresh.

Many bags displayed. Beautiful fabrics are used in this bags....

A cow-tablerunner.

"Flamingomannen" is sitting in the window, waiting for you perhaps....

Cute Tilda-figures hanging on a hemp rope.

Babyhat with cowbuttons.

... And one with sheeps. Really cute!!

"Sherbet-bag" made with lengthen bagpart.

Nice tablecloth made of oldfashioned fabrics.

Agnes; always smiling and willing to help her customers.

My goodies bought on Quiltespesialisten.
The button is a gift to Ruth of course :-)

Kristin Langbråthen has designed 4 stithery-patterns for a Norwegian magasin. I love her expression and her full-bosomed women. Don't you?
(Remember to click on the photos to see them in bigger size....)

And when I got home this is what the postman brought me from Giggle Buttons in Australia..... No need to mope :-)

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