Thursday, 30 April 2009

My birtday-giveaway-winners are....

Last Wednesday was my birtday. You could add a comment to me to get a Norwegian quilt-pattern. I took two new patterns as my starting point but I had to add another two patterns to my giveaways.
The author of the pattern is AnnAKa, a well-known quilter in Norway.
To all of you who added a happy birtday to me; THANK YOU ALL!!!!
At last; the winners are;

Monday, 27 April 2009

An important message in plain words

Take care!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Goodies from several quiltshop visits

From Husfliden in Tromsø; two half metres of japanese fabrics (left), two metres of Diza-like fabrics with angels (in the middle) and 3 other fabrics. All of them except the japanese fabrics were 70% sale. I pulled off a coup I think :-)

I also manage to get some boat-plastic to sewing projects.....

Close up Tromsø-goodies.

At Kathrines Quilte Stue I was tempted to buy these lovely fabrics, one booklet and one stitchery-pattern. Hmmmmm.

The Kathrines Quilte Stue pile of fabrics. Very springly!

I bought Tildas embroidery-yarn parcel and two new fabrics at "Striestua" in Oslo. I also came over some buttons and embellishments, but I forgot to take them along when I took the photo.

From "Cotton Patch" in England I ordered this late in march. This book is really fantastic!!!!! "Daily Patchwork Bag"; Choose from 45 different bags, ranging in size from small hand held bags to over the shoulder. Several designs have full scaled size patterns, all come with step-by-step diagrams. Written in Japanese.

I have a beautiful wooden-calendarframe bought at Kathrines Quilte Stue for many years ago. I have also many annual volumes of quilt-calendars, but I didn't manage to get one for this year until now.

I also pre-paid 6 issue subscription of Australian Homespun Magazine to start from the issue no.70 vol.10 no.3. I'm a cancer survivor and the charity quilt project (Breast for Friends) started in this issue. But last week I got this message: "Thank you for your reply - we will subscribe you to Homespun with the next available issue. We have had a large increase in orders for this magazine so there may be a delay in sending you your first issue. We have to order many months in advance for each issue from Australia." Perhaps I could get somebody of you blogreaders to help me.....?
At last I bought a winter-theme stitchery.
The monthly patterns in the calendar. Many great projects!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

My birtday-giveaway

Yesterday was my birtday. You could add a comment to me to get a Norwegian quilt-pattern. Only three comments were made; all from Norwegian quilters......! So I have decided to give these three ladies one pattern each.
BUT; If you add a happy birtday-comment to me, I will choose futher one foreign or one Norwegian reader a pattern. The author of the pattern is AnnAKa, a well-known quilter in Norway. So why wait? Monday morning is it too late, that's for sure!
Now I will prepare my local meeting in my guild, so long!
Take care!

Link to Quiltthreads blog.

Go to Merediths blog to see her last breast cancer quilt. The quilt is raw edge applique and it is beautiful. And of course; she has used a lot of pink fabrics :-)

My birtday :-)

One layer cake made by me and one cheesecake made by Gunhild, my youngest daughter. Spanish strawberries aren't local food....., but they remind us that spring is around the corner.
Our good friends Inger and Kevin. She had written a limerick to me :-)
They also gave me a suncream, sunhat, small bottles of Underberg, a bag and flowers; useful to our vacation. We are going on holiday to Crete in July and we are looking forward to it.
Synnøve and Gunhild.
Ruth and I :-)
Nina came with a bottle of red wine. Hmmmmmm!
Ruth gave me a fabric with cows (I'm addicted to cows....), a sew-related almanac with funny patterns and one clip for scissors. Thanks everyone for gifts!
Giggle Buttons sent me this stitchery-pattern and buttons this week. Almost a birtdaypresent!
Crocus from Odd's garden.

Blue anemone.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Today is my birtday, hmmmmmmm!!

If you want to wish me happy birtday, you are welcome to do so. Add a comment to me and I will choose two of you to get a Norwegian quilt-pattern from me. The author of the pattern will be AnnAKa. She is a spesial lady with great ideas. Every quiltpattern from her are big success here in Norway. So what are you waiting for....?
Take care!

Monday, 20 April 2009

100 Ways to Hide Your Stash (Quiltpoem)

He doesn't' have to know everything
A few secrets keep a marriage fresh as spring
I'll have it in, and out of sight in a flash
There are 100 ways to hide your stash.

Fill up the cupboard, hide the evidence
Pile it in the pantry spare no expense
Keep it with the kids' clothes, lay it with the wine
Keep it all together where the sun don't shine!

Put it in a Safeway bag, bring it in with the groceries
Call it "Christmas presents - and don't you peek!"
You're "keeping it for a friend" who's gone to Calgary
She'll be back soon - no there's none for me!

Don't tell him what you owe the store
He might start looking in the dryer or the drawer
It's an affliction breeding secrecy
These quilty pleasures that won't let me be

Pack it in the wardrobe, under the chair
Stack it with the linen, with the silverware
Cram it in the cellar, under the stair
With the winter clothes, with the underwear.

A woman stored hers in the ceiling overhead
For years it stayed there, overtop the bed
Her husband never ever heard a sound
Until the day it brought the ceiling down

He's got golfing and his auto parts
You've got fabric
He's got cigarettes and butter tarts
You've got fabric!

Pad it in a pillow, buy a bass violin
Cram it in a corner, tuck it in a tin
Turn off your freezer, fill up your bin
Unplug the oven, you can fit it all in

Buy a few quarters, while you're at the store
Get a little extra - more more more
Slip it in the mattress, hide it under the floor
No more room in here: buy the house next door!
Author: Cathy Miller

I want to try Windows Live Writer…..


Kopi av IMG_4673

And this is a new picture of me…. :-)

Sunday, 19 April 2009

My father's birtday

On the picture; my father, my brother Trygve, me and my oldest sister Anne.
Today is my father's birtday. He should be 75 years old if he still lived, but it is over three years since he passed away. He got cancer and died only one month after his cancer diagnosis.
When death becomes a real possibility, hard decisions must be made. People with cancer and family members often face a range of strong and difficult emotions, such as anxiety, uncertainty, and sadness.
Often people don’t want to talk about death, but studies have shown that clear communication can help people feel better about their decisions and more in control.
My father was a very kind and gentle man.
Every child loved him and he loved being with them. When he retired on his pension he planned to do many things together with my mum but in stead he got dementia and later cancer. He didn't get any treatment for his cancer. Only pain relieving treatment and caring hands and hearts from my mother and sister.
I miss him very much!!

Spring-feeling in Oslo

Along the main street called Karl Johans Gate, many ladies' delights-flowers had been planted.
The Royal Palace in Oslo is at the end of the main street.
"Royal" Crocus :-)
Some snow-left-overs in front of the Royal Palace.
Beautiful naked trees behind the Royal Palace.
The pond behind the Royal Palace was empty.
Spring-feeling outside one flower shop........... on my way to Kathrines Quilte Stue.

Visit to Kathrines Quilte Stue in Oslo

Everytime I travel to Oslo I have to go to Kathrines Quilte Stue.
Last Friday I spend one hour here; bought some lovely fabrics, some patterns and one booklet. I will post a picture later :-)
This time the quiltshop gave me a springfeeling; bright and springly fabrics, patterns and atmosphere.
A tablerunner made after Bente Malms pattern (?).
Cute is it anyway!
Two wonderful pillows.
Delicious and tasty display.
Yellow, green and a tuch of cream, hmmmmm..........!
Kathrines Quilte Stue will arrange course in making this bag later. Wonderful it is.
I fell for this cute pillow, but they were run out of pattern issue, so I will have to wait until they get more.....
A red-white display.
" Fabric-baskets"....
A stitchery of the four seasons was the inspiration for the pillow above, the motif here is autumn.
A shelf filled with fabulous fabrics. Fresh and youthful :-)
Everywhere quilts were hang up to inspire us quiltingladies.
"Sugar Free"-pattern. Simple but breathtaking.
Another bag. Notice the fabric used in this bag. Funny.
Shop window with an alphabet quilt.
Cute pillows in the shop window.
The last shop window picture.
Behind the counter this beautiful quilt were hung.

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