Tuesday, 9 June 2009

I got mail and I'm going to Bruce Springsteen's concert.

Saturday I got a new Australian Homespun and it was lovely :-)

I also got a parcel from Hancock's of Paducah with these wonderful fabrics; 1 1/2 yard of MODA FIG TREE QUILTS PATISSERIE PETIT PINK FROSTING and 2 MODA FIG TREE QUILTS PATISSERIE HONEY BUN 1.5"X 44" 40 PIECE.

Last weekend I bought 2 of these funny flowers. Last Friday I bought another 2. I simply love them :-)


Have a nice week. I'm off to Bergen. Guess what? I'm going to Bruce Springsteen's concert in Hoengen in Bergen!!!!!!!!

Picture from his concert in Stockholm
and the press wrote among others this:

I Don't Wanna Fade Away
By Bo Persson
After "Idas Sommarvisa," the band stepped on stage and just floored it for their final night at Stockholm Stadion. The opening "No Surrender," "Badlands," and "Night" sounded even stronger and more focused than usual. During "No Surrender" the screen showed pictures of younger E Street days, as if illustrating the chorus. "My Lucky Day" was without a doubt the best version so far, with the Big Man delivering three killer solos--this song is opening up, showing us more and more of what it can be. On Friday I thought I witnessed the ultimate version of "Outlaw Pete." I was wrong. Longer than usual, tonight's epic performance was just unbelievable (there were even a few bars of The Shadows' "Apache" in the beginning), with a powerful vocal from Bruce and Steve's guitar bleeding into the slowly descending sun over the stadium.
The ongoing live love affair between Bruce and the Swedish fans is 34 years down the road, and yet the passion never ends. To show it, "The River" made its Swedish premiere, and the crowd went wild after the first chords of this magical performance. Then a really raving version of "Mony Mony," with Steve in his best shape. Hardly having time to breathe, a breathtaking "Trapped" made the stadium tremble and shake all over. Gary's bass was incredible.
Waiting in line before the show we heard the soundcheck of "Fade Away" and "Surprise Surprise." And now... here they were, both tour premieres. Bruce picked out the "Fade Away" sign, talking about this one being Steve's favorite and that it's a true rarity. Steve smiled but told Bruce to "Just sing," and Bruce said "Hope we don't fuck it up". They didn't. With a long, emotional monologue from Bruce, it was completely brilliant. "Surprise Surprise" with Bruce's 12-string guitar got an immediate response from the audience. Not played since the Asbury Park tour rehearsals, it sounded unbelievably fresh.
Again, "The Promised Land" impresses more and more. Some big hats off to the backing singers, Curtis King and Cindy Mizelle. Never overused, just really adding dimension and with surgical precision, like here and in "Lonesome Day".
The encores brought one of tonight's biggest responses from the audience, and a sign on stage: "Jungleland." The Big Man's solo was outstanding, and even Bruce seemed in awe of how he made the evening glow. An ecstatic "American Land" turned the stadium into a small, crowded Irish pub with nearly 40,000 attendants. Then the ultimate ass kicking-version of "Ramrod," pushing the overdrive to its maximum. Bruce and Steve as the true blood brothers, driving the audience crazy. "Dancing in the Dark" in a very intense version surely must be the stadium wrecker for Stockholm. But wait, Bruce has one more--he holds up a sign saying "Break stadiums, not asses," a reminder of how he slipped on the wet stage on Thursday's show. And just to make sure, "Twist and Shout" really turned Stockholm into our city of ruins. After three hours, the E Street wrecking ball once again shattered any doubt about them simply being the best live act there is. This one was special!


Gita said...

Hej Elin! Jag var på Bruce Springsteen i Stockholm.
Vad tyckte du? Det ser ut som vi har flera gemensamma intressen.

Laila L S said...

Håper konserten med "Sjefen" var bra!
Fine stoffer og spennende blad du har fått i posten.
Ønsker deg en god helg!

Award til deg på bloggen min

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