Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Visiting Syskrinet in Molde

Syskrinet A/S in Molde is a small quilt shop, with a large selection of fabrics and patterns. Join me in a visit in this lovely quiltshop and enjoy!


This is a tiny little shop, but they have displayed quilts and quiltrelated things everywere...

Sunflowers are beautiful and popular in quilts :-)

Snowmen; high and tall or small and round.

On top of every shelf something were displayed!

A special bag made by Angelina.

Angelina used in this wonderful pillow.

Anne Beier Finnestad; a Norwegian quilbook-author has made this cute owl-purse.

This quilt is simply outstanding. I bought this as a kit :-)

This lovely lady helped me in the shop.
Somebody out there who know her name? I forgot to ask her :-(

Over the exit door hang this funny banner telling you "Welcome back" in Norwegian writing. If you ever visit Molde, drop by Syskrinet A/S. You will not regret!

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