Saturday, 10 April 2010

Playing with Double Diamond Ruler

On our last meeting in Vestre Toten Lappelag we had a little "show-and-tell" first.
Wenche has sewn this modern Easter-tablerunner from a kit made by ????
Close-up of the tablerunner.
Don't fall apart! Wenche NEVER sew stitchery, but look here..... A cute little girl!!
Wenche has been on the annual meeting of Norwegian Quilting Association and she bought a pattern for these two purses there.
Embellished with two sweet buttons :-)
And at last her bag made from a Peggy-Pattern (?). Wenche is going to sell this beautiful bag!
Inger Lise with a baby-quilt. The baby buggy is black; therefore a grey/black blanket. Click on the picture if you want to resize it and look at the beautiful fabrics used in this quilt :-)
Kristrun has sewn two of these bags; one in black and one in brown. She is really clever! Perhaps she will bring the other one to our next meeting in Gjøvik Quiltelag, hehehehehe.
Table runner made of scraps (I). I don't know who has created them, but they are brighten the meetingroom, that's for sure.
Table runner made of scraps (II).
Playing with Double Diamond Ruler!
Picture of my fabric after precutting, ironing, folding, cutting and unfolding :-)
Mine and Kristrun's pieces.
How to do it? I will try to explain it to you..... Follow!
The biggest of the two Double Diamonds Rulers.
The package contains two rulers for two different sizes of Doble Diamonds: 1 1/2" wide 3 1/2" wide.
Astrid was in a Christmas-spirit-mood I think :-)
Picture of Wenche while she cut slits in her fabric. She was the only one who tryed the smallest ruler. First we cut two chosen fabrics twice as wide as the ruler. These were glued together with a new powder, ironed backside to backside, folded lengthwise with the main fabric on the outside and pressed well. Slits were then cut in the fabrics from the folded side of the fabrics. The fused piece were unfolded and lightly pressed. Each diamond flap could then be tuck under the diamond below it. See picture below....


Min Quilte krok said...

Takk for tipset med denne linijalen:-) Men hvordan syr du spissene fast etterpå? aplikerer?
Ha en fin og kreativ helg

Oddbjørg said...

Mye fint å se!
Kan du ta en snartur innom bloggen min? Det ligger en beskjed til deg.

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