Sunday, 18 July 2010

Free BOS from Ellie's Quiltplace

How does it work?
Every season you can download a new pattern and, if necessary, further information: 
- June 21: releasing the first block. You'll get the pattern, a list of requirements and instructions on how to make the stitcheries. 
See picture below......
- September 23: the second block will be released together with the instructions for the corner blocks
- 3 months later, December 21, the 3th block will be released together with instructions for making the patchwork blocks
- And finally, March 21, the 4th pattern will be released as well as the final instructions to assemble the quilt.

Happy stitching and quilting! 
My cat Mira got her first kitten on Friday, so I think I will make this catquilt for her :-) Mjaaauuuuu.....

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