Thursday, 18 November 2010

Visit to Quilteglede in Elverum

"Small Pleasures!" BOM for ten months.
Quilteglede in Elverum have moved to a new location and reopened the very same day I drove my DH to the hospital in Elverum. Pity him; I left him at a restaurant while I did a "little" shopping in this fabulous quiltshop. Many temptations and I came home with some yards of great and cheap fabrics :-)

"Pepperkaker" from Quiltehagen.
Angel from Langebraaten Design.

"Små hverdagsgleder" from AnnAKa sewn in tender colours.

"Vårsang" from AnnAKa's pattern.

The tablerunner "Spåblomst" from AnnAKa. The cakes were waiting for some quilting ladies! They were going to have a meeting and I guess a lot of quilttalks :-)
Two rooms in the bottom story were filled with fabrics to very nice price; only 60 Nkr a meter.
This lady is one of the two owners of "Quilteglede". She made it pleasant to shop there..... While she was busy cutting fabrics for me, May Britt (also known as Abyquilt) came into the shop. We said a few words in passing; May Britt was eager to see the nice price fabrics and I had to run to my DH. I hope we will have more time to talk next time we meet!

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May Britt said...

Next time we'll meet we just have to take time to a coffee and a chat :)

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