Friday, 3 December 2010

Pictures from our last meeting in Vestre Toten Lappelag

 Kristrun is making this tablerunner with place mats for her mother as a Christmas present!
 AnnAKa has made the pattern and I love these dashing flowers.
 Two cosmetic bags in different sizes also from AnnAKa's patterns....
 A blue pencil case to a little boy :-)
 .... and a merry one for a girl...?
 Astrid has sewn a tablerunner by using old embroidered pillow cases and tablecloths. What a great idea!!!
 Close-up-pictures of some areas of the tablerunner.

 Torunn with Christmasstockings made to her grandson and some other relatives :-)


arlette said...

Love all the gifties your friends made, they look soooo cool :)!!!
I'm your follower, from a little while now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats in your three years of blogging!, the pictures you posted, look like fun

arlette said...

Wish my partners and myself could make a meeting like yours!, they're always interesting!!!

Anonymous said...

You haven't posted yet today, I just wouldn't like to miss the chance :)

arlette said...

Ok, the info about your lovely giveaway's in the sidebar (left side) of my blog now!!!!

Martina said...

Thanks for the pictures! So nice projects! Love them.

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