Saturday, 12 September 2009

A visit to LappeMakeriet

 I've been visiting one of my favourite quiltshops, LappeMakeriet in Bærums Verk. 
Look at this lovely old-charmed sign.
The quiltshop is located in a charming old house in an area with lot of old charming buildings.
The shop is open every day of the week. Dangerous for quiltaholics :-)
The quiltshop-entrance is very cosy.
Two tablerunners displayed on a wall.
A new BOM from LappeMakeriet.
An old quilt. I think it was portrayed in Quiltemagasinet no.4 this year.
Beautiful anyway.
A course-model; the postmans bag.
A challange-quilt. Four "difficult" fabrics were chosen to take part in a quilt. This is the result of what Trine Tolfsby Bakke made out of the challange. Displayed in Gøteborg I think she said.
One of many shelves filled with fabrics, beautifully displayed by colors.
A little wooden boat filled with maritime fabrics.
An advent calendar in stitching /redwork.
Quilts everywhere.
Of course, I simply had to buy a calendar for next year.
The old kitchen :-)
Enjoy all the pictures of following quilts and interior in the quiltshop:-)
Trine Tolfsby Bakke is one of the owners of the shop. A really nice lady.
Perhaps you remember her from an earlier blog-contribution? She visitted Lillehammer Quiltelag and held a lecture and a course there.
Course-models were displayed outside the shop.
A funny Christmas-stitchery.
Some pictures from the area Bærums Verk. Beautiful atmosphere, that's for sure.


Steinkjerringa said...

Ååååå, jeg elsker å være der! Kjenner alle i den butikken. Den er altfor langt unna, men i november skal jeg - 150 mil pr. fly. Kan nesten ikke vente... Herlig innlegg!

2ne said...

LappeMakeriet er en flott butikk. Koselig å se bilder derifra - husflidslaget våres var på besøk der for et år siden. Tenker dere har hatt en flott dag. Ønsker deg en god helg

Sølvi's blog said...

Takk for titten. Alt for langt unna til at det blir ofte besøk der - men det er kanskje like bra...Tror det hadde blitt med masse saker hjem

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