Thursday, 10 December 2009

Blog anniversary today;-great giveaway today

Happy blog anniversary to me!
And congratulation to Barack Obama!
With all the time and effort I place into my blog and my guilds blog, it's often easy to lose track of time.
This year’s selection of the Nobel Peace Price started an online outcry the second it was announced. For many people, including the recipient himself, is was a shock that hear that president Barack Obama was awarded. And Norwegians were among those who reacted most strongly against the decision from the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Not because Norwegians dislike or disapprove of Obama, rather opposite. But awarding him the Nobel Prize after just 10 months in office have been hard to swallow, even for Norwegians.
Tomorrow I will announce who the three lucky winners are......
Binoculo Miope
Achados e Perdidos
Cards by Patty Tanúz
Cultura de Travesseiro
Strawberry Chocolate
El Doky
Elins kreative side
Helado de Chocolate con Trocitos and they call me Mommy
Joluvero´s Weblog
El blog de Silpana
My Scrappy Life
I think here
My World
Urban Girl's Almanac
Lost in Chick-Lit
No Yolk


arlette said...

Happy blog anniversary to youuuuu!!!!!!!!, I was shocked as well to know that Obama won the Nobel, because he´s a "new" President, but it means only good news for us, he's trying to keep this planet on peace, it's really hard because all seems to like to fight, lol. The actual President of my country won the Nobel once, I forgot the year lol!

Martina said...

Happy blog anniversary!! Hope you will have a lot more of them ahead!
Sometimes there are strange things happening, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary :) Kristrun

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary :)

arlette said...

Hope you've had a lot of fun in your blog anniversary!, I'd like to see more beautiful things from you!

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