Monday, 30 March 2009

At Lenes Studio

Lene is a very creative lady. She lives at a horsefarm and in the barn she has her own sewing studio..... The other members of Vestre Toten Lappelag have visited her studio once before, but I haven't been there. So our last meeting took place at her studio. (I asked for it)
The back side of her bat-quilt. She is going to attend a competition later this year with this quilt, so hush-hush!!
Notice her quiltinglines.
Lene's daughter in a fabulous quilt. The topper isn't ready jet, but the photographes of her daughter is eyecatching.
Torunn and Ruth.
Lene is the master behind this sunflowerinspired quilt. And a nude man :-)
A close-up of the sunflower.
Another detail.
Lene with an another sunflowerquilt.
Such a creativity :-)
A portrett of herself; beautiful woman.
See the jigsaw puzzle. Will the last pieces fit into the picture....?

A butterfly-quilt. I think she took part in a competition at the NQF a few weeks ago.
A close-up of the butterfly.
A nude woman made of painting, shadowing and quilting.
Lene is a very experienced quilter. Her quiltinglines found and support her themes.
Lene often uses tulle and plastic to create new "fabrics" from treads, Angelina and yarns.

Inger Lise has made this big quilt for her recreational vehicle.
The proud quilter; Inger Lise.
Beautiful colors and fabrics used in this quilt.
A last peek of the quilt. Happy vacation times with this quilt in the car.
Ruth has made coasters. The green squares are leftovers from me :-)
Winnie likes to sew by her hand. This is a peeking-picture into her sewingbox. (She didn't notice me taking this picture. Hihihihi. )
Then she creates beautiful things from her little squares.
Can you see 4 hearts?
Lene; the hostess.
Winnie and Wenke.
Inger Lise.

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Anne said...

Takk for en spennende titt inn i Lenes studio og ikke minst din blogg. Mye spennende og inspirerende stoff å finne begge steder. Jeg fant lenken til bloggen din på quiltelista og kommer gjerne innom flere ganger :)
God påske!!

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