Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Come Over to My House; free BOM from Forever Green Quilts

Forever Green Quilts is offering a free block of the month quilt in 2009!
This cute house quilt is called "Come Over to My House" and was designed by Alecia Hunter with instructions by Joanna Norman. It is a wall-hanging sized quilting, measuring 40" x 46".
They will offer one block each month in Jan-Dec 2009. In December 2009, they will also provide instructions for finishing the quilt. Each new block will be posted on the 15th of the month and will be available for 2 months. If you miss a block during the 2 month window that it is available for free, you can purchase it for a small fee. So go to this site to download block 1 and 2


ScienceMel said...

Hiya. I was wondering if you have the pattern for "Come Over To My House" quilt. Therapists with this pattern no longer exists. :-(

Laurel Lee Pedersen said...

I, too, am looking for the patterns for the Block of the Month,Come Over to My House quilt. I cannot find it ANYWHERE! Would be so grateful to find it. Laurel Lee

pcpriscila said...

I'm another one who is looking for this cute pattern "come over to my house". If you have any information for me, kindly send it to my email, please:
thanks a lot in advence for your kindness.

Sallie M said...

I made this quilt and I may still have the pattern somewhere but I don't know whether I am allowed to give it away.

Anonymous said...

Is this pattern available? If so how do I get it? Please send me any info to Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your post says that there is a free pattern for the "Come Over to My House" quilt but I'll be darned if I can locate it! Would appreciate it if you would clarify if it really is available or not. Rather misleading... Please let me know @ Thank you in advance for any help!!

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