Tuesday, 24 March 2009

National championship

My athletic club is organizer of Nasional Championship for skijump and Nordic combined. So my hometown; Raufoss, is put into action this week :-)
Tor Berge, the leader of the main committee.
My husbond Roger. He has been busy as spokesman for the event.
The leader of the local mall, the mayor of Vestre Toten council Stein Knutsen and Tor Berge. The mayor saw through a skijumper-ski as a fun opening."Every Norwegian are born wearing skis" is an old saying.....
One of the shops at the local mall had decorated their windows with posters, old skis and the outfit for the volunteers.
An old backpack, knitted hat and stockings.
Banners where hang from the ceiling. Well done Raufoss Handelssenter!

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