Saturday, 30 May 2009

17th of May and visit of my soldier :-)

Synnøve ready to travel back to her duty as a medical soldier in the north of Norway.
Look at my spiraea, it is fantastic in the spring.

Beautiful girl :-)

She is very charming and have a winning way to be. Take care, Synnøve.

My youngest one; Gunhild. This picture is taken after she carried the banner for the local athletic association. She is wearing her national costume from Nordland. She is not born in North of Norway, but I am. So all of my three girls have the same national dresses.
Isn't she lovely?

A peek of Gunhild and I when we marched through the local city.

I made a new banner for Raufoss Idrettslag to our celebration of 17th of May. The old one was worn out and the banner was heavy to carry.
I'm a little content with the result :-)
I have been a board member of Raufoss Idrettslag nearly since we moved to Raufoss 18 years ago....., so it means a great deal for me.

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linda Schiffer said...

Your girls are truly beautiful!

One of the wonderful things about blogland is getting to see folks in other places far away that also love to quilt. Thanks so much for sharing your photos and stories!

:) Linda

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