Friday, 1 May 2009

Meeting in Vestre Toten Lappelag last Thursday

At our last meeting in Vestre Toten Lappelag Ruth showed us her new pompadour with cute stitchery. Ruth was in a good mood and cheered us up :-)
The stitchery says: "i mårra blir det godvær!" Freely translated: "tomorrow will it be sunshine".
I hope you will have a great weekend with lot of sunshine!
I'm travelling to Stavanger. My sister's twins are going to have their confirmation/civic initiation on Saturday. I'm looking forward to meet my two sisters, my only brother, my mother and of course my nephew and my niece.


Mokina said...

Hei. Jeg bor på Stokmarknes nå men har fram til i mars bodd på Sandnes.

Elly D said...

Hello Elin, you have a pretty blog.. and I see we have the same quilty calendar for 2009 :)) Also I finally meet someone will a longer blog visiting list than me :)) Good luck with you entry on the Inklingo blog... :) Elly

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