Friday, 22 May 2009

My disappearing 9-patch-tablerunner no 1 is nearly finished

When I found my fabric for the back, I discovered somebody had used it for a spooky garment.... Two eyes-similar holes were cut out of the fabric, so I had to add a strip of blue to make the remaining fabric long enough.
Close-up of my freemotion quilting (backside). Since all fabrics used in the tablerunner have a coffee-theme, I quilted waves that should symbolize heat steam from coffeecups :-)

The first tablerunner cut and quilted.

Close-up quilting on front. I used a multicolored thread from Sømsenteret in Gjøvik and it is called Poly Sheen Multi from Mettler.

Close-up of the borders around the disappearing 9-patch-blocks. Since I quilted a lot of heat-waves in the middel I chose to make the quilting around a little more stiff. Saw-toothed pattern is fun and decorative I think.




Mona said...

Flott løper og fine farger.

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