Thursday, 8 January 2009

Course; Kari Renolen

Last fall the ladies of Vestre Toten Lappelag, desided to attend a course with Kari Renolen and her "slumreteppe".

Kari Renolen with her lovely quilt.
She was a great quiltingteacher and adviser in color choise and fabric selection.
We gathered in the cottage in Lønnberget Hoppsenter and we went on cutting fabrics and sewing during the weekend.

Torunn and Kari in deep concentration :o)

One of many bag-models made by Kari.

A beautiful tablecloth!

Perhaps a christmas runner....? Lovely anyway.

Arouse admiration for the quilting.

The front of the quilt, interesting choise of colors.

A little bit of crazy-quilt-style.

Notice the use of Angelina and the lines of quilting.

Mind you the "David"-fabric. It really make the quilt!! Wonderful.

A panel of ...... , I can't remember the painter. Give me a hint if you know. In any case; a beautiful quilt.

Bags, bags, bags, bags; a girls best friend...? Enjoy these!

A box for this and that. Anyway; charming!

Back to our curse; "Slumreteppe". A picture of one of the corners. Exciting!

The borders with a little quiltinglines here and there....

The quilt thrown over a stable of chairs. My blocks on the floor. I spend a little of my bali-fabrics. I have saved them for sooooo long time, but now I am going to use them ;-)
Another corner.
Winnie (sitting in the back) and Toril are eager to sew.
They used wonderful colors in their blocks.
Torunn and Wenche; a little surpriced.

Ruth, my good friend, is very pleased with her sewing (I think..)

Inger Lise is very keen on going on sewing, but always with a smile :-)

Torunn is always very happy and cheeful. Lovely lady!

Astrid is always a busy sewer..........

...........and the same is Lene. She didn't want to make a big quilt, so she nearly got the topper finished.

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