Friday, 30 January 2009

Meeting in Vestre Toten Lappelag

I'm attending two guilds; one in my village and one in Gjøvik; Gjøvik Quiltelag. Thursday we had a meeting in Vestre Toten Lappelag. We hade a pleasant evening with a little show-and-tell.
Winnie loves to sew and handwork is her speciality. She creates wonderful quilts, bags and tablecloths. Here is a tablecloth with a lot of hexagonal-flowers sewn on. Good ide!
Three-dimensional quilt. The pattern or the ide are from Eldrid Røyset Førde in Kameleonquilt. Visit her website to get more inspired.

Another one :-)
Look at the little hummingbird-button. Cute!
Winnies result from course with Kari Renolen last fall. Crazy in colors, but beautiful!!

Astrid with her topper.

Winnie with her ovenmitten.
Wenche is a proud grandmother. This quilt is going to be a present for her grandson :-)

Every year Wenche makes a christmaswish for fabrics, but it never happens. Until last christmas!!! But she had been futuristic and bought herself some fabrics and a jelly-roll.......
Backside of Winnies bag. Look at the weaving middle.
The front of the same bag.
Ruth loves cats and had bought some fabrics from Desiree (I think...)
Astrid made a tablerunner from leftovers after finishing her quilttop.

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