Saturday, 10 January 2009

Happy weekend to you!

I met this happy girl in Oslo last weekend. She is going to be married in the spring. In this context, it is commond to have a boozing party. Her friends knew that the bride hates gold, so they dressed her for this party in of course; gold. She had been dancing down Carl Johans gate (the main street in Oslo) and performed dance for money. When I met her, she was taking a break, but wanted this picture taken...

Wednesday I went to Sømsenteret i Gjøvik and bought a "little". Every new year it is a big sale after the annual counting of stock and inventory in the shops. So I only HAD to go shopping.
I bought a fabric for trousers (left) and scarf (in the middle) and some patchwork-fabrics. A few spools of thread and knitting wool also became mine.
My friend Ruth is going to get the tree fabrics; one red and two brown. She has been in hospital for some treatment and deserves an encouragement :o)
Have a nice weekend, everybody!!

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