Sunday, 1 February 2009

Anne Idas Resolution 2009

Are you feeling a little bit guilty for starting new projects while there are piles of WISPs and UFOs that should have been finished? I do!!!!!!!
But perhaps this year I will finish a little more that before. The UFO's aren't going anywhere, some of them might be finished, but all who join Anne Idas Resolution for 2009 must promise they won't add anymore UFO's to the list. 2009 is all about finishing whatever we want to start!!!
Do you want to join us in not feeling guilty - all you have to do is promise to finish what you start :o)
Anne Ida has designed a badge for our sidebars and if you feel it's a resolution for you, please feel free to add it to your blog!!
First of all I will make a UFO list and I know it is going to be long......!!! Then I will be working on my UFO list throughout the year but if I find a project I just have to do, I will without doubt!! Have a nice week all readers and quilters out there! Take care.

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