Monday, 2 February 2009

Visit to my local quiltshop; Sømsenteret in Gjøvik

When I walked from parking space and up a hill towards my place of work, this is the view I saw.

Randi Helene; my friend and member of Gjøvik Quiltelag as well, is working at Sømsenteret at Gjøvik. She is always very gentle and kind.
A colorful view from the shop.
Threads, threads, threads and a shelf with quilting books.
Sømsenteret always have a half-price-shelf filled with fabrics. Often they have really new designed fabrics there for half the price. I love this opportunity to buy cheap fabrics.
Another shelf filled with fabrics. Lovely view :-)
Some of the newest arrivals.
Everywhere models of patterns are displayed. Here are the "Garden Angels" from Annaka, a Norwegian designer.
"Sisters by chance, friends by choice"
Racks with beautiful yarn.

Another view of the shop.
Buttons, buttons and ribbons......
A tablerunner is placed on a pillar in the shop.
Brith; one of the shop owners, bought this in USA during one of her stay there. Very Amish-like.
Winnie, a member of Vestre Toten Lappelag and Gjøvik Quiltelag, has made this. The pattern is from Annaka.
Everywhere quilting-things are displayed.
A bag sewn by Randi Helene from a pattern made of Annaka.
Rucksack and bag placed on the top of the shelf. I love blue color!!!!
Sewn by Wenche.
Cow-picture. Cute!!!
Designed by Annaka.
Now I have taken you to visit my local quiltshop. I hope you liked it, I'm surely do :-)

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