Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Visiting my sister Anne and her family and attending a course with Bodil Gardner

As a gift to myself I decided to attend "Vestlandstreffet" in Stavanger 3.-5. October 2008.

My middle one daughter Synnøve does her military service this year and in the autumn she where in Madla military camp in Stavanger. She couldn't leave the camp, but we visited her just inside the gate.
I think I'm the mother of the most beautiful recruit of the Nastional Service in Norway!!!!
My oldest sister and her family live not far away from Stavanger. We stayed at their home and had a pleasant time there. From left to right; Marit, TG, my sister Anne, me and Øystein.
My dear sister and me :-)
Roger and Gunhild. My youngest daughter isn't always too keen on pictures taken of her!!
Rikke :-)
Good friends.
Bodil Gardner portraits are usually of women, the subject she knows best. One winter she did nothing but portraits of women.
You can go to Bodil Gardners site to read more about her technique
Aunt Ada Remembers (40 x 34 inches)
Aunt Ada remembers the days of her youth and the youngsters, with their vivid imaginations, see a whole new world unfolding.

Girl with a Cat (44 x 37 inches)

Old Woman and Friend (29 x 35 inches)

Heavenly Bodies (48 x 48 inches)
How near the Earth, how distant our companions in space! The center of the Universe is not to be found; but an old German tale puts a white duck at the center of the Earth.
Exhibited in 'The Sky's the Limit 2007', International Quilt Festival, Houston, USA.

My lady :-)
I think she looks like my sister Anne.....!
All the princesses from Stavanger :-)

Here are some I liked more than others......

Rannveig Hjelset is a designer and a co-owner of Kreativ Quilt in Kristiansand. At this curse you could play with fabric-paint combined with different techniques, templates, stencils and quilting.

On our way home, we got a surprise! Snow!!!!

We had a terrible drive over the mountains; I got really scared! But we managed to get over and saved a lot of time. We could have made a detour, but we decided to give it a try. Beautiful colors in the rock wall.

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