Sunday, 19 April 2009

My father's birtday

On the picture; my father, my brother Trygve, me and my oldest sister Anne.
Today is my father's birtday. He should be 75 years old if he still lived, but it is over three years since he passed away. He got cancer and died only one month after his cancer diagnosis.
When death becomes a real possibility, hard decisions must be made. People with cancer and family members often face a range of strong and difficult emotions, such as anxiety, uncertainty, and sadness.
Often people don’t want to talk about death, but studies have shown that clear communication can help people feel better about their decisions and more in control.
My father was a very kind and gentle man.
Every child loved him and he loved being with them. When he retired on his pension he planned to do many things together with my mum but in stead he got dementia and later cancer. He didn't get any treatment for his cancer. Only pain relieving treatment and caring hands and hearts from my mother and sister.
I miss him very much!!

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