Friday, 24 April 2009

Goodies from several quiltshop visits

From Husfliden in Tromsø; two half metres of japanese fabrics (left), two metres of Diza-like fabrics with angels (in the middle) and 3 other fabrics. All of them except the japanese fabrics were 70% sale. I pulled off a coup I think :-)

I also manage to get some boat-plastic to sewing projects.....

Close up Tromsø-goodies.

At Kathrines Quilte Stue I was tempted to buy these lovely fabrics, one booklet and one stitchery-pattern. Hmmmmm.

The Kathrines Quilte Stue pile of fabrics. Very springly!

I bought Tildas embroidery-yarn parcel and two new fabrics at "Striestua" in Oslo. I also came over some buttons and embellishments, but I forgot to take them along when I took the photo.

From "Cotton Patch" in England I ordered this late in march. This book is really fantastic!!!!! "Daily Patchwork Bag"; Choose from 45 different bags, ranging in size from small hand held bags to over the shoulder. Several designs have full scaled size patterns, all come with step-by-step diagrams. Written in Japanese.

I have a beautiful wooden-calendarframe bought at Kathrines Quilte Stue for many years ago. I have also many annual volumes of quilt-calendars, but I didn't manage to get one for this year until now.

I also pre-paid 6 issue subscription of Australian Homespun Magazine to start from the issue no.70 vol.10 no.3. I'm a cancer survivor and the charity quilt project (Breast for Friends) started in this issue. But last week I got this message: "Thank you for your reply - we will subscribe you to Homespun with the next available issue. We have had a large increase in orders for this magazine so there may be a delay in sending you your first issue. We have to order many months in advance for each issue from Australia." Perhaps I could get somebody of you blogreaders to help me.....?
At last I bought a winter-theme stitchery.
The monthly patterns in the calendar. Many great projects!


Béa said...

Hi Elin, I receive my subscription from Alison at
perhaps you could have back issues.I don't know how many she have still. Breast of Friends start with 10/1 issue. If you can't obtain it, please, contact me !

Meredith said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I am so glad to see all the good things you were able to pick up. I did check out your other blog and loved the quilt show. Enjoy your new fabrics. Sorry to hear there is a delay in getting the magazine subscription you want I hope someone is able to get you one.

Catherine said...

Hi Elin - you can try contacting the subscriptions department for Universal Magazines. Go to the website at and click on the subscriptions area. They should be able to help you as to what is available. To get the first issue of the Breast of Friends, you need to purchase Vols 10 No 1, Vol 10 No 2 onwards until Vol 10 No 9 where it will conclude. Hope you enjoy it.


Catherine Sanchez

Leja said...

Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! Leja from Sweden

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