Thursday, 23 April 2009

My birtday-giveaway

Yesterday was my birtday. You could add a comment to me to get a Norwegian quilt-pattern. Only three comments were made; all from Norwegian quilters......! So I have decided to give these three ladies one pattern each.
BUT; If you add a happy birtday-comment to me, I will choose futher one foreign or one Norwegian reader a pattern. The author of the pattern is AnnAKa, a well-known quilter in Norway. So why wait? Monday morning is it too late, that's for sure!
Now I will prepare my local meeting in my guild, so long!
Take care!


Mona said...

Hei. Jeg velger et mønster fra deg hvis det er mulig. Håper du hadde en fin dag.

May Britt said...

Gratulerer med dagen som har vært. Har vært så opptatt de siste dagene at jeg har knapt hatt tid til å lese blogger. Håper du hadde en flott dag.

free indeed said...

Sorry to have missed your birthday! I follow Quilter Blogs pretty faithfully and never saw the post. I'm from the state of Maine in the usa. Have a great day!

Nova0437 said...

Happy Birthday! The cakes look like they were really good! :)


Dreamlake (Laura) said...

Happy birthday:) I think you and me born on the same day:)


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