Sunday, 19 April 2009

At Husfliden in Tromsø

This lovely lady cut the fabrics I bought at Husfliden in Tromsø. Her name is Randi. Finally I managed to get some plastic for sewing projects :-)
Sewing map or stitchery keeper from AnnAKa. In the shop they had several beautiful models.
Two dolls with miniature national costumes from Nordland county and Troms county.
I went to this shop for a definite purpose; I had to buy a new shirt for my national costume. Mine is like the right doll, but I have my costume in blue.
A picture made by weaving.
A cute star-picture.
A pillow placed on top of a shelf.
Another pillow made of beautiful fabrics.
Two pillows with dragonfly and ladybird. Summery I think.....
Husfliden in Tromsø had many fabrics at 70% off sale.......
Of course I had to buy some metres! I will put a picture of my scoop of fabrics later :-)


Leja said...

Fantastic!!!!!!!Leja from Sweden

Leja said...

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